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Why Virtualist?

Go beyond screen sharing

Stop wasting time screen sharing, avoid costly mistakes & nail problems in spatial context. Connect no matter if you’re on desktop or mobile device.

Immersive experience

Show your projects to the stakeholders or the client in its future environment thanks to geolocated data and AR. Give them the real-life experience and show customization possibilities with live-editing.

Efficiency & Savings

Stop wasting time & money, and improve workflow efficiency. Immerse your guests in your idea, refine it together and speed up approval in a convincing, spatial presentation.

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Bring your projects to life

No need for expensive rendering software to show your projects to your clients. Add textures, materials & geolocated sunlight in Virtualist and experience your projects at scale, in their intended location.

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How it works?


Import your project

Import your 3D model from popular software packages in FBX, OBJ, DAE and 3DS format. We are also working on native SketchUp integration.

Customize it to your needs

Use our powerful editing tools to position your models, change their textures and materials. Set the location to see how your project looks in geolocated sunlight

Start collaborating

Work with your team to ensure everyone is on the same page or use Virtualist to show your project to the client. Invite him for a VR tour or just send him a link to open on his smartphone or computer.

All the features
you might need

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Flexible interface

Dock windows where you want them & arrange it your way. It just works.

Material editor

Import your own textures and create unique materials for your models. Change lighting, texturing and object attributes on the fly.

Beautiful quality

Virtualist is based on Unreal Engine and you can upgrade your scene to lifelike quality if required.

Real scale

No matter if it’s a new wardrobe or a house. Feel it’s real size. Walk around the objects and inspect them from every angle.

What they say about us?

Helps understand client's needs & enables efficient sales

Lukas GalasinskiProject Lead, Skanska

Replaced my week of phonecalls with client with one hour of design review

Paul SklodowskiPartner at _Space Architects


Bruno Pinheiro3D & Innovation specialist


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